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chuquai billy
Global Chillage
london, United Kingdom
Born on October 19, 1966.
My own artist pages
Electronic : Ambient
electronica/ambient/alternative rock with native american flavour
Alternative : Other Alternative
Native American/British progressive rock with songs of urban life, spirituality and sex.
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About Me
Welcome to Global Chillage, featuring electronica, new age, ambient, classical jazz and deep space synth. We often play music from Soundclick on the show, being musicians one of the main reasons you create and record your music is for someone to hear it, so our show tries to provide some of that. If you're on the playlist here, you'll probably be played on air (unless you don't want us to in which case let us know). It's also a great way to lead our listeners back to your own artists profiles and possible album purchasing customers. Thank you and keep the music coming! Most of Global Chillage is handpicked music was inspired by a trip I took to a coffeeshop in Amsterdam in the 90s called Global Chillage where they played ambient soundscapes to enhance the smoking experience visit. With or without the weed, I think ambient music is brilliant for de-stressing and winding down after a hard day; an opportunity to see the colourful multi-tectured layers of music and emotion. And even though a lot of these artists are unknown, their talent is just as applicable. Welcome to Global Chillage and enjoy the journey.
Hola Chuquai Thanks for ading my song to your staton... I really apreciate. Best regards from Spain.
Heh.....Thanks for adding me to your station.....
I like music with flutes and ethnic music.. happy to have your song.. -softsong
you are very welcome.. really nice song. keep writing guy! take care, -softsong
Hi from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil! Thanks for add my track to your station. Peace!
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