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Alex Soh
Madison, AL  USA
Born on December 23, 1986.
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HipHop : Hardcore Rap
North Carolina has never before seen an Emcee with the raw talent that Venomous X produces called The Truth of Carolina he is ready to shine and take the game b
HipHop : Battles/Disses
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About Me
Venomous X is the next generation in the rap/hip-hop culture. In a world that is dominated by black rappers it is hard for most other minorities to be considered WORTHY in the eyes of Hip Hop. Venomous X from the age of 12 became interested in the Rap game when he heard Emcees such as Eminien and Will Smith. Venomous began spitting freestyles for kids in his neighborhood and lip syncing Lyrics by Xzibit and Emineim. But it wasn’t until 2002 when he wrote his first "real" Song SUPERMAN that most people respected him as a rapper. "I don't do music for people, I won’t spit a freestyle if i'm in a bad mood and somebody says yo venomous spit a free. I'm not like that. I’m a lyrical minded emcee. I take pride in my work and if I want to freestyle for you then I will if I don’t then don’t pester me about it. I have my reasons for not spitting for EVERY single person who asks me." "Venomous X's style is not like any other emcee on the market "My style is a mixture of Will Smith and Jadakiss I have this kinda Hardcore/Pop style to my rhyming that separates me for all the others." Battle for Battle and Flow for flow Venomous X may have built a strong fan base in his High School but he hopes to someday build a Fan base of people from all corners of the globe.
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Malcolm Lowe
whats goodie you already know
i got u homie .. ima holla, b easy PEACE! keep doin ya thng kid
im appreciate da mad love, keep doin ya thng, b easy PEAACE! 1 love
Wut it do man itz ya boi JaiRock... Im doin my thang on da beatz and Im kool wit da verses.. If U lookn for beatz check out da page see if I got sumthn to ur need I aint chargn a arm and a leg so holla at me... If u need a verse holla at me.. LETZ GET IT ITZ MONEY OUT THERE
Misguided Ghost
thanx for the reQ
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