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craig sparks
United Kingdom
Born on November 11, 1971.
My own artist page
Electronic : Electronica
It's electronic stuff but that's only because I can't afford to set up a band and record with it. Guitar is my first musical love.
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About Me
Unfortunately I haven't had much time to devote to my music over the last 18 months. I've been busy with my photography and photoshop skills. If you like what you see in my pics here please check out http://www.eyefetch.com/profile.aspx?user=chongsparks http://www.redbubble.com/people/chongsparks Be excellent to each other.
Words, pictures and ear stuff   I've managed to write one tune in over a year (it's been a while), which was for a friend to mix with. I've been taking photos almost constantly instead. 11,000 photos in just over 12 months to be exact(ish). People are just starting to get into my stuff, which is pretty weird (my stuff, not people getting into it). I plan to do a strange kind of graphic novel in the guise of a warped diary. One day. I hope to write more tunes but finding the time is hard, especially as it takes my weeks to finish a tune usually. I try though.
Craig,Just want to send you a happy holiday message! Looking forward to hearing more of your tunes in 2009.
Thankyou Craig for adding me to your friends list,really dig the tunes you are puting out hear for all of us to enjoy. Let me know if thear is any of my songs that makes you move around in your seat, LoL. Have a great week. Mr WooWoo
clive richardson
Hey Craig, Thanks for the add.....it's a pleasure matey! :) Big thanks too for adding "Art Of Seduction" to your station - much appreciated fella! ~C~
Scientek Basement
again thx for addin Sorrento Craig! Cheers Arno
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May your life be filled with hope and dreams, bringing you nothing but peace, love, and happiness in all that you do. :-)
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