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Blacksburg, VA  USA
Born on May 7, 1991.
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Electronic : Electronica
The inventive and captivatingly melodic side of electronic and dance music.
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About Me
I'm here because I want to promote and better my music and I also want to hear other's music. I got into music in the 6th grade by playing clarinet which I still play =D I also play saxophone and a bit of the piano. I like to play frisbee too, and badminton. I started making music around two years ago...I enjoy most music, specifically electronic stuff and I don't neccessarily like rap, though I do like the beat..
Hey Rick Sorry it's been a while since you posted, been busy sorting myself out, since New Year, I have started a little job promoting Fire Safety Awareness and its great, I meet new people, I feel better for myself and I travel not to mention that it's challenging. Im also a right back in my local football (soccer) team, I'm also a corner taker and 4th choice penalty taker. :) Ive also lost half a stone as well and due to go under Lifestyle assessments and mental problems but im getting there, i'd love to move out of my cold flat more then anything or was that a new bird? Can't remember lol. As for your Advertising Design Class with a CD, did you mean mix one with mine and your tracks on or what it something different, let me know mate, im happy to answer. My last CD was Remixology 4 and 5 but never got burned to CD due to lack of money and E2 was a hit but never made it to production again due to lack of money. Hope things are well over at your end, been up to much?
key of david
Good job on "An Evil Panic (Italian Mafia Accordian)" it really sounds good. Nice texture to the sounds.
key of david
Your music is great. You need to keep it up and get better and better!! You have a lot of potential!! Thank you for the add!!
Gary Finlay
Mate, no probs.. good to have u as a friend.. Goona have more music online soon so keep checking back. Glad u like my first upload, its not too bad, next ones better though. Catch ya soon.. EPOS
bleedin brain music
Thanx for the Add ^5 Seeya in heaven Cave Dweller BBMinc
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