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Charlie Williams
western new york , USA
Goin' from the cradle to the grave, just trying to learn as much as I can and enjoy the ride.
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Acoustic : Acoustic General
I'm basically a one man band. I play all my own instruments (except drums) I record on a Boss BR1200CD standalone multi-track recorder.
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About Me
Retired and up on the farm. Life is Good. I enjoy listening to, playing, and writing music and home recording in many different genres. It's all just about having fun and interacting with fellow musicians.
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Gabe Stenziano
nice picture of the place. hope that means you're getting around again.
Thanks for dropping by Charlie! Just noticed (I'm moving a little slow this week) Been looking at some of your pictures, talk about next as a pen, your farm looks very well taken care of, beautiful place!
Hi Charlie, yes why not, a collab during the winter, I only hope it will not end like the three other collabs I started and still not finished..... :) Anyway, you are right with yur thoughts, probabily has to do with our age, searching for something different, or we have already said what we wanted to say using music: I heard this opinion by anoher SC frriend yet! Take care my talented friend till the next time, -Spin- PS: just noticed you kind comment on my collab with Falken: thanks a lot Charlie, it was the last work I did, and it´s over a year in the past...... WOW, how time runs by!!
Hi Charlie!! Great to see you dropping by and much more to read that you are doing fine: I am glad to know your knee is healing well so that the recovery is absolutely positive! Those are good news!! Sure, I would like to report that I began a new music project but.... unfortunately I can´t say that, no iinspiration at all, may be you will have more luck in finding some inspiration for a new track! Recently I read a post on CC wrote by Carlo D´Anna (Ridiculous Dream), it seems that he is also considering to take a pause from recording..... Well, I still keep listening on SC, I am sure we will all come back soon to the old "circle of Friends", even if at the moment it is pretty quiet here. Wishing you all the best for a continued and positive recovery, peace Charlie!! -Spin-
Hi Charlie. Good to hear that you are getting better. It is a good sign, that it is better than before and you started taking longer walks. I seek inspiration in older ideas that I recorded on my cell phone. Or sometimes by jamming on my guitar. Usually starting with making a very simple rhythm pattern work on one or two chords and then move it around to see which other chords may fit to it. I listen to what others do that works well and also what I have done before, that could be "recycled" with a twist. And suddenly - there's a song! To tell the truth, I don't always end up with a song. Sometimes I reject the whole thing and open a bottle of red wine, wishing myself better luck next time! :0) Have a great weekend. Br Holger
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