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Robert Dunn
Santa Rosa, California  USA
Born on December 14
Passionate Acoustic Guitar Stylings by Robert Dunn
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About Me
Started playing guitar in 1966 then switched from rock to jazz in 1972. Started with bands almost immediately and started gigging around Southern California soon after that.
Robert Dunn Interview   1. What instrument(s) do you play?

Primarily electric guitar. I've played electric bass and the bass Viole in jam sessions and orchestras
respectively. I've also played the clarinet.

2. What is your primary musical influence?

My dark side. Giving voice to all those feelings I've hidden from myself as well as a musical platform for various parts of my personality. Basically unleashing upon the world through my guitar all those thoughts/feelings/experiences that are 'ME' and that I'd probably get arrested for if I ever expressed them non artistically.

I've been aided (and abetted) by a long ...
My Daily Guitar Practice Routine and Philosophy   My lifelong goal has been to master the guitar and to improvise and explore new areas and especially to avoid

repeating my self or what Larry Coryell calls 'finger patterns'.

My 3 parts in practicing consist of:
1. Rudiments - Technical maintenance and expansion including chords.
2. Expansion exercises I wrote for myself.
3. Exploration & conceptual improvisational exhaustion.

Mostly I improvise to the Jamie Aeborsold play to records starting medium tempo. Also on my exercises I start with

3 note studies (double not exercises) without the use of the metronome (and breaking up of various ...
On A Life In Jazz Guitar Playing.   Starting in the mid 60s it was all rock for me with Cream and Jimi Hendrix great musical inspiration. Since 1966 I had had the most wonderful guitar teacher (Diane Whitcomb) who insisted I learn to read, chord solos, and study my exercises so that the following week I could play them as perfectly as I could (which was not very God Damned perfect at all!). In 1971 she and her boyfriend at the time (a great guitarist now in Seattle Washington named Fred McCall) took me to the big jazz guitarists hangout at Donte's in North Hollywood to see Joe Pass. She pointed out who was who in the audience ...
frank lee blue
hi robert just groovin to your tunes theres nothin like live music keep it up, stay cool
Hey, Played some of The Gas Puppies stuff today. As always it was a pleasure. Peace...
Like the Blues thing you got goin on there brutha
zilia tol
Hi Rob, Thanks for adding me. Wish you a great time on this Hollydays. Stay in touch. Zilia Tol
Maria Daines
Thank you for your friendship :) Best wishes Maria & Paul
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