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Michelle Orts
Superior, Wisconsin  USA
Born on October 10, 1969.
My own artist page
Acoustic : Acoustic Vocals
Michelle Katherine "Kat" Orts ~ Solo Artist ~ Singer & Songwriter - Original, Contemporary, Pop, Rock, Jazz, Gospel, Classical, Folk, Blues, Funk All have been influential in performance and style of compositions...
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About Me
Married/Pastor'sWife/Blessed/Singer/Songwriter/Friend/Daughter/Sister/Mom/Actress/Entrepreneur/Child of God/Writer/InvestigativeJournalist/Minister & Whoever Jesus Holy Spirit has called me to be.
Thank you for praying WITH me 4 Military Families & Our Great Nation!   "For Such a Time as This"...Queen Esther was placed in a precarious position yet it was a position of power. The King found favor with her over all the other choices he had. He chose a Jewish woman unbeknownst to him. When his 2nd in command deceived him and had the King declare WAR on Esther's people, Esther stood up and spoke up 1st using Divine Wisdom. She fed her King 1st (3x) The bible says she said" My King if I have found favor in your eyes please may I come forward and speak?" The King said SPEAK. We must ALL speak out against TYRANNY and INJUSTICES for our Nation and Our ...
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Michelle (Turtledove/Dovey)
Japan is Stoic amidst Turmoil   I am sincerely impressed at the immense calm nature of the Japanese given the gravity of the tumultuous events that have recently beset them. I am praying for the survivors and that even more miraculous discoveries of life shall be found. It is my opinion that the Japanese, as a whole, are a stoic, honorable, kind, compassionate people. Let us all pray for their comfort and healing as a nation. And let us not forget to pray for our troops and their families who have been supporting the efforts over there.

Be Blessed Always!

Michelle, Hope all is well. Haven't heard from you for a long time.
hi Michelle, I've sent you a private message.
hi Michelle, Are you active these days on s/c?
hi Michelle, No one comes around anymore so I thought I'd say hello. Hope you're well and enjoying the summer.
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