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Charles Crampton
Wishram, Washington  USA
Born on September 13, 1967.
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Rock : Instrumental Rock
Instrumental Rock Guitar That Explores Lyrical Melodic Passages And Harmonic Feelings.
Rock : Progressive Rock
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About Me
I love music obviously. I respect honesty and integrity. I cannot stand an egotistical personality. Art in general is such a beautiful expression. I love my wife and kids and feel that loyalty is extremely important. There is so many incredible musicians on soundclick and other sites.... I think our society (Not everyone of course) and it's cultural habits in the US and elsewhere have little substance and can tend to be very shallow. But I also think that deep down beyond the crap in all of us is a great person waiting to be witnessed!
diamond lizard
Hi Charles couple of new tumes up if you get time to listen appreciate your feedback regards the lizard
Paul Oakley
Hi Charles, It's been a while! Just wanted to wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas and a Happy and Prosporous New Year :) Have a good one, Paul
diamond lizard
monster new tune!! 'don't cry till tuesday' still in development but had to upload it for feedback I'm really excited about this one please let me know what you think cheers the lizard
diamond lizard
new tune a jam over little wing backing track let me know what you think regards the lizard
Hi Charles just uploaded a new tune and thought you might like to dheck it out...its called plectrumhead..:) barny
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