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Rick Cormier
Woburn, MA  USA
Born on December 19, 1950.
My own artist page
Podcasts : Comedy
I do stand-up comedy, as well as parody. I often imitate the recording artists when I parody their music.
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About Me
I like to make people laugh. I have been doing stand-up comedy for about 6 yearsr now. I almost always end my sets with one of the song parodies found here on SoundClick.
Rick Stretch pants is hahaha. added to player, and check out some of my parody songs if you have the time. Cheers, Rocky
You're a shoe in - Merry Christmas Rick!!!
Charlotte's Grove
Thanks for the giggles. Peace with laughter. :):):)
What's shakin' ricloose?
Ken Sacco
Hi Rick, Check out your spotlight page on WsKrS :) www.wskrs.info
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