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Christian Lowensprung
kattem, not appl.  Norway
Born on January 20, 1979.
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Electronic : Experimental Sounds
goth techno, experimental techno, prodigy, aphex twin, autechre, wierdo, kill, love, austral, wacko, wicked,
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About Me
I am cute.
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Liked DJ Drunken Master (DJDM)'s song Wet Slick. Oct 8, 2014
Xanitra update.   29 of January 2008

I have started to move all material to this site. This involves a move of over 200 songs, previously available through mp3.com (r.i.p. the new one sucks in comparison.)

Expect something different from what you've heard previously since this is from my old studio and equipment of that time, ca. 1999 to 2003.
They will be made purchasable as of my old record label contract. I would not be allowed to publish them otherwise. Hope you enjoy my new material, uhm, I mean old material.

I won't leave much of info on these these songs, but point you to a page where you can look ...
Brete Hey Christian!

Thought I'd pop in and share some news: The Nutcracker Suite Electronique goes Live in LA with the Santa Monica Contemporary Ballet! I've been working toward this for three years now, so I have to confess I'm pretty psyched. ;)

So, if you happen to be in LA Dec 18-21, drop in and say howdy!

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