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Brendan Jewell
Dublin, Ireland
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Rock : Rock General
Originally called The Jewells band but ended up as Brendan jamming with friends.(Now recording as Brendan Jewell)Still recording?
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About Me
As a Kid I was sent to piano lessons but I packed it in because I did not like the repetition of it all.At 16 I went to drumming school and my dad bought me my first set of drums.I played in friends bands and then I answered an add in the paper for a drummer.I played with that band for a few years and although the guys were experienced musicians and I learned a lot from them,I did not like the commercial stuff they were playing.I never went pro so I stayed with the day job.I am a left handed guitarist but I started out playing r/hand,upside down.My family say I should have stuck with that,as it sounds better? Doh!!!
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Soundclick now?   Not getting as much time with my music anymore...to tell the truth...I fell out of love with it a while ago!
Hi Brenny. Hope you're doing well. Did a new version of The Call of the Church Bells: http://www.soundclick.com/html5/v3/player.cfm?type=single?nre=Blues&songid=13560901&q=hi hope you like cheers
Michael Duran
Thanks Brenny!! :) loved reading your review of 'Pink Noise' that brought a big smile :D and your review of my little 'Jig' is high praise indeed coming from you! Have a grand week! MD
Thanks for the visit and nice words Brendan! All the best
Thanks so much, cheers to you Brenny, Laurel
hi Benny, Thanks for your visit. When you get a chance please play Grafton Street. Should I've you a good feeling or a laugh.
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