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Greg Anderson
Redneck Martian
Stephenville, tx  USA
Born on May 31, 1961.
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Podcasts : Comedy
Rock : Rock General
Heavy Rock, but not limited to.
Classical : Ensembles
Update march 25 '09. uploaded many cakewalk (midi) compositions today. More to come. Hope you enjoy them. If nothing else, listen to Cleo the Cat. That' the very latest worth a listen. They are all original compositions.
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About Me
I've been on this site for awhile. Something fun to come back to once in awhile. Life gets in the way sometimes. However, the music here dwells and tickles my ears every time.
Steve Berger
Hi Greg, Thanks very much for listening to "Pacific Edge" and adding it to your station! Best, Steve Berger
Thank you so much for adding This is War. Good luck with your songwriting. Steven
Redneck Martian
You're welcome, Ben. ROCK ON!
Ben J Hayes
Thanks for listening and adding "Pedal To The Floor" to your station. Cheers Ben J hayes
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