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Born on August 20, 1957.
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Rock : Christian Rock
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About Me

CHRISTIAN SONGWRITERS NETWORK is THE place to be! If you are an aspiring artist, songwriter, musician, singer, OR, you just love good Christian music, CSN is where you need to be. Hone your skills in writing and recording. Receive and give honest critiques of brand new music, all in the a family like atmosphere Check out our free arcade when you are bored. Find collaborators, best of all, make life time friends on CSN. All of the music you hear on our CSN stations were created and produced by CSN MEMBERS.

Recent Activity
betty overstreet
Thanks so much for having some of my songs on your site. I have written quite a few new ones within the past year and would love to see them added here. Betty overstreet
covenant 1
Thanks so much again, for letting COVENANT be a part of your ministry efforts.Please feel free to i nclude any song you like from our site at soundclick.God Bless and MERRY CHRISTMAS to all my Christian family out there. COVENANT
covenant 1
This is an Awesome blessing. Thanks for including COVENANT to your roster.The Lord is a Master Chess Player, he moves his pieces around the board to his ultimate end game, Its always better to be a Knight, than a Pawn. May God Bless you and your Ministries, as we advance into these troubling times!!! Covenant
Thank you for adding our song! God Bless!
Check out my new song "Smile on my face" http://www.soundclick.com/bands/default.cfm?bandID=149428&content=music This song is off the CD "Blues without the blues." My aim is to take the "Blues" out of the "Blues!" To share the joy & peace found with a relationship with Christ and His saving grace.
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