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Paul Carosi
Pittsburgh, Pa  USA
Born on March 24, 1953.
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Electronic : Electronica
Lyrical ambient classical and rock influenced electronic voyages into the space-time continuum.
Pop : Pop General
B.E. Taylor is nationally known as a song writer, music director, and lead singer of the B.E. Taylor Group. His releases KAREN on Epic and VITAMIN L on MCA reached the BILLBOARD TOP 100.
Urban : R&B/Soul/Pop
Singer Darryl Grant was the lead singer of Fat Larry's band appearing on three of their releases. Darryl has also recorded with The Rolling Stones, Eddie Kendricks, Blue Magic, and Major Harris.
Rock : Classic Rock
Classic Rock, Melodic Rock, Guitar
Acoustic : Folk
Americana folk music about the problems of the common man in the tradition of Woody Guthrie who said aA folk song is what's wrong and how to fix it"
Rock : Progressive Rock
Rock : Rock General
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Mike Stout Celebrates the Legacy of Martin Delany   One of Pittsburgh’s unsung heroes discussed in The Point of Pittsburgh is abolitionist Martin Delany a national leader who fought for the end of slavery and equal rights throughout his life as a physician, speaker, author, soldier, and judge.

Martin Delany – Renaissance Man

Martin Delany (1812 – 1885), a man of many important accomplishments, was the renaissance man of early Pittsburgh. He was a national African American abolitionist leader, author, newspaper publisher, doctor, school principal, judge, explorer, the first advocate of Black Nationalism, the first black American novelist, and...
Ambient Electronica Podcast with Enigma & Paul Schwartz   Our latest podcast Ambient Electronica Sanctuary is available now on iTunes iTunes Podcast Free

Take sanctuary in an oasis of soothing relaxing rhythmic melodic ambient new age electronica music featuring ambient artists Paul Schwartz, Enigma, Stuart Mitchell & more from Radio Free Tunes.

Podcast Episode 1 Playlist

Kit Watkins - Phoebus Dream
Stuart Mitchell - Gliese 777 Ab
Paul Schwartz - Agnus Dei
Enigma - Principles Of Lust (Everlasting Lust Mix)

Ambientt Electronica Sanctuary Introduction
Paul Schwartz - Somnium
Kit Watkins - Moon Watching Me
Joaquin Taboada - Lluvia (Raining over ...
Hello Paul, thanks for the friend add, have a safe and great week, GOD bless
Hey! Just wanted to thank you for adding Scarlet Rain- I have a new record out; will update to my Soundclick page! Be well! ~VK Lynne
Andrew Wood
Hi Paul Sorry it's been a while. I have uploaded 4x new tracks please have a listen and tell me what you think of them, they are Rhiannon a Raymond Froggatt cover to celebrate the birth of my niece; Devil Woman a cover by Marty Robbins; A Soft Place to Fall a cover by Alison Moorer and Rainbow Lady a collaboration between myself and Richard Baldwin. Many thanks and take care ANDY
Hi sis & bro Great from Indonesia The hot rock band Check out our songs cmon...and enjoy it http://www.soundclick.com/growlingsoundofpalemachine GSPM
Morten Gjermundsen
Hello Paul! Thanks for adding me. Wish you a wonderful week! All the best! Morten.
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