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johann meier
Born on December 1, 1921.
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Thanks for adding me to your playlist. Check my tunes, please! "SNOWBOARDER"
Skeleton Staff
ey mr jopy, thanks for hooking up with us! good to be chums with you! ps. dont forget to check the adventures of skeleton staff in the semi regular comic strip when you get a mo'... amore
the lone rearranger
Wow! Your music is excellent. Earthy, ethereal, dense, sparse. It's got great originality and very many textures. I've added you as a fave to my page. You're one of the best artists on soundclick. Drop by for some out-there tunes of my own sometime...
Scientek Basement
ok listened to most of your tunes now, DM is right your quite full of energy for a 85 years lol. "One Kilometer from the Swamp" is an awesome tune, reminds me of some top squarepusher productions.! thx so much for addin some of our tunes to your station johann! best wishes to you Arno
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You are a great musician, absolutely!!! Jazz, electronica, contemporary and many other suggestions. Deep, complex but communicative music. A calm powerfull explosion of creativity. An open mind. Space, time and love: there is all the world in your sound.
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