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Erin Simms
Erin Gannon Simms
Ottawa, ON  Canada
Born on December 2, 1977.
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Country : Country-Pop
Country, Country rock and a bit of POP!
Country : Country General
THE SOUL TOUCHERS - Are TJWAY & Erin Gannon Simms Working together-An Ocean Apart Adopting The World, One heart at a Time' Join Us @thesoultouchers https://twitter.com/thesoultouchers https://www.facebook.com/tjwaymusic
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About Me
"Sun in your eyes" written by Erin Gannon Simms and Terry Silverlight. First song recorded for forthcoming debut album. Produced by Corey McFayden, Ottawa, Ontario 2011. Erin%20Gannon%20SimmsQuantcast OFFICIAL WEBSITE: www.eringannonsimms.com
Songs available for download!!!   Hi everyone,

You can now purchase "Being here with you" and "Flat-lining" here through my music page for the small cost of $1.50 (approx 93p - UK).

I hope everyone is doing great!
God bless,
Erin Gannon Simms x
Listen to my songs in FULL length...   Please visit one of the following links to listen to my new songs in FULL:

Official Website

Erin at Reverbnation

Erin's Facebook Fanpage

Thank you!
Erin Gannon Simms x
three Titles....... Happy New Year! AuDioChosis and The Crew
hey hey girl how ya doing?
edward mcc
hay I fount you on face book with friend tj.way man you just keep going up since I seen or heard from you I fell broken my back 4 times 3 rib,s.i got you on my facebook keep on keeping on you going to the top sweet an wonderful voice you in a class of your on no one ever have that sound you driving it way down deep in all people hear,s.that way thay never forget you.goinng to top may god go with you.with all my love paul mcclanahan
Stan Williams
I came by for a listen and to say hello! :-)
Wish you all the best and a happy Christmas from me i Norway
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