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Appleton, WI  USA
Born on March 17, 2002.
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Metal : Alternative Metal
marijuana, beer, whiskey, alcohol, drug, sex, loud, buzz, buzzed, buzzing, high, naked, exposed, hard, heavy, weed, pot, grass, rock n' roll, metal, new, alternative, pack one, Packer, Green Bay, live, dead, kill, stoned, Stone, Headstone, Buzz, Ro..
Metal : Alternative Metal
HEADSTONE, The Green Bay Packers, Buzz Rock, Marijuana Metal,and other crazy hippy shit!
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Stop by and get a pull of some of our new stuff. Got a brand spanking new song Patriot up just this friday. Stonwall
Hey Headstone stopping by for a howdy and to wish you a great weekend cuz
Hey Headstone - great to hear your slightly more 'adult' sound. It's a nice change from some of the usual stuff you hear these days... We've got a new track out, "Duck", check it out: -Spam
The Bears taking out a little frusration on the Pack It was cold as Hell at soilder Field.See what happens in the playoffs good luck Metal Smith
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