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Stir Crazy Beats and instrument
Stir Crazy Music Production
Detroit, MI  USA
Born on December 1, 1986.
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Jan 28, 2007
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Super Phat Productions: Spp: We make our own beats, we have our own studio, anyone needing any studio time/beats hit me up with a message.

With their sophomore release “ We Ain’t Playn’ ” Toxsick once again devastates the streets with an unmatched, distinctive sound witch in it self separates them from the rest. They spell their name with a “SICK” cause they come with the sick flows. Their sound alone sets a new bar with each track, from “SoulJa Anthem” all the way to “Our Part”. Front to back AND side to side, all I hear is single after single , and if it wasn’t for the skit (which was entertaining to say the least) I could honestly say the entire album was 60 minutes of hit a single. “If these Streets could Speak” they would give daps to Toxsick for representing Detroit like it should be, from the most raw, thuggish, roughest parts of Motor City where they “Hold it Down”… to the knowledge we all have that tomorrow is a new day, we just have to take it “One day at a time”. Special Guest appearances, by Camel and Janetix, set off the singles “Until That Day” and “Same Chick ”, and there are a few upcoming female artists being brought out in the game. This album has it all from entertainment to knowledge, game, respect, and dues paid in full. AND THAT’S JUST THE ALBUM! Toxsick are not just voices on a C.D., their live shows are 100 times more live then the album. Stage presence, props, a set that flows from beginning to end flawlessly like that of a 20 year vet in the game is truly what sets them so far ahead of the game. Not only their live shows, but also their work ethic. Toxsick owns and runs the entire operation from beginning to end, from production to post productions, Duplication to distribution…basically from making the beats to hitting the streets Toxsick does it all without the help of a major record label.
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