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Make me an offer!
Feb 1, 2012
Make me an offer!
by Jesse Stir-Crazy on Wednesday, November 24, 2010 at 7:18pm


I want to do something different as I been noticing some people can not afford my normal beat prices. I completely understand that a lot of artists are trying to scrap up money just to feed themselves and/or family. Times are rough and I feel that people should not have to choose a beat over food, clothing etc.

Some my beat prices are a bit high for local artists and the struggling but very talented people in internet land. I don't want the people that have less money to not be able to purchase a track. Even though I have free beats posted around and lots of stuff for others to rip... sometimes its better for a artists to have exclusives. Some want beats that not everyone has a chance to grab and that's perfectly fine.

What I decided to do for the next month or so is to give others a chance to NAME THERE PRICE. You tell me how much you want to pay for a specific Stir Crazy beat! Always make your offer as if you are only going to get one chance to submit it. Take your time and make sure you thought it through.

I might not accept your offer but I will always try to come back with a number of my own and we can negotiate. We can try to come up with something fair on both parts. I don't mind if you low ball but please just explain your reasoning. You might be able to help me more then I can help you. Maybe you have a huge fan base that will get to know me by yourself being on my production. Maybe you can shop my beats to your homies and get some Stir Crazy production on their album, or maybe your just living off minimum wage with two kids. Explain why you deserve to have that (the) beat(s) and how you will use it and school it like none other!

Tell me why you can only afford what you offered and even if its low I might except!! I'm not here to take money from you that you need to pay important bills with. I want you to be able to live and have some great production on your album at the same time. Please understand that it does cost me money and time to make tracks and I have my own bills to pay.. otherwise all Stir Crazy beats would be free.

Most people would avoid taking offers of tracks for fear they will get customers that expect discounts every time... but I am here to GIVE those "discounts". I want you tearing my tracks up and making great music!

I'm not here to get rich! That is not my intentions. I'm here to support the scene, show love to others by helping out to the best of my ability and have a great time making the music that I absolutely adore. If you are looking for some beats and want a chance to offer then hit me up here or at:

SuperPhatPro (@) yahoo.com

We can make this work and fit in your budget one way or another. I don't want excuses anymore saying I wish I could have/would have purchased (insert Stir Crazy beat name) but I couldn't afford it at a certain time. I will even put a beat on hold/ "layaway" for you. After we come up with a number you can pay a deposit to have that beat on hold until you pay the rest off so no one else can cop it. (After 30 days the deposit will be void and you lose not only the beat but your money) Please be smart about your choices!

If you have another creative or helpful idea on how you can grab up a track from me then explain and maybe I will agree and we can do it your way. Barter with me in some way. Im here for you and to make fresh music. Lets not let anything hold us back anymore.

If you read everything you already took the first step.. now you have to head on over to www.StirCrazy.BandCamp.com dig threw some dopeness and hit me up.

Thanks for your time and I hope this helps you in some way or another!

-Stir Crazy
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