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Stir Crazy Energy Drink
Feb 1, 2012
Stir Crazy Energy Drink
by Jesse Stir-Crazy on Tuesday, February 1, 2011 at 11:32pm

Detroit, MI February 01, 2011 Super producer Stir Crazy has been promoting and releasing amazing unique albums for years now. His creativity and understanding of what fans want is that of a true marketing genius. This time around he has came with a plan to unleash the very powerful and amazingly delicious Stir Crazy Energy Drink into the hands of the masses.

They will be soon available at: www.StirCrazy.BigCartel.com sold in a limited edition Dood Computer and Stir Crazy "Penny Dreadfuls" album bundle pack or separately by the can.

Energy drinks are a hot item right now and instead of just simply supplying it on its own this will also showcase his musical talents at the same time. Thanks to the newest beverage to hit the energy drink market, Stir Crazy Energy Drink, consumers can now experience both energetic potency and appealing flavor in the same can.

New energy companies are started almost every day. Most companies don't understand that unless the consumer and potential buyer is given more then a simple new energy drink, they may go elsewhere for there fix such as a brand better known already in the industry.

Music involves and invokes emotion and is a upper on its own. If you mix great music with a awesome carbonated energy drink you have a very powerful mixture unlike anything else already available.

Its time to venture out of the normal, time to ditch the simplistic boring way of life. Time for a change in taste and refreshment. IT'S TIME TO GET CRAZY!


Jesse E.

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