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Teresa Garcia
McCloud, ca  USA
Born on March 16, 1980.
I'm an author, poet, narrator, illustrator, editor, publisher, mother, priestess, rpg quest writer for DragonHeartsRPG.com and online vocal librarian
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Embark on a trip into the world of dragons, lovers of poetry and song.
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About Me
I am a novelist and poet, but poetry bears its own music. I am currently setting up my computer to do voice recordings of my poems and songs that I have written. I am a mother of two, and a Priestess. My favorite part of that job is helping people, whether by officiating a handfasting or just lending an ear. It can be said that I am a lover of dragons, the mystical, and eternally on the quest for knowledge and beauty. Of course, enlightenment is found within, but what fun is life without a quest? A Pisces by Western Astrology, I've been told that I perfectly match the dreamy and ethereal qualities described by that sign. Of course, I also am told that I match well my Chinese Astrological birth year sign, the clever and industrious Metal Monkey.
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Liked David Pendragon's song HAVANAGILA. Nov 18, 2018
David Pendragon
Thank you Teresa for buying some of my songs. I have read your profile here and take note that you are a Priestess so I will wish you Bright Blessings and send you a smile. I have played here in Australia at many Pagan festivals. I am also like yourself a Pisces born in the Chinese year of the Fire Dragon I am at the moment recording my new album, it should be ready in early 2019. My other work is as a Tarot reader. For many years I toured the country doing readings and playing music in my van. Somewhat of a gypsy soul :-) lovely to meet you. Blessed Be
Hi. If you get a moment, please check out my new songs, "Lily Cries" and "If I Wanted To". https://soundclick.com/share.cfm?id=13567705 https://soundclick.com/share.cfm?id=13645805 Thanks. Hope you like them. Have a great day! Paul Robert Glaser
Hi Teresa. Thank you so much for adding Danny Boy to your station. I hope you enjoy it. Have a great day! Paul Robert Glaser
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