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david strano
st. cloud, Florida  USA
Born on March 4, 1981.
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Rock : Instrumental Rock
HipHop : Hardcore Rap
Influenced by artists such as 2Pac, Dre, Snoop, Nas, Scarface, Ludacris, N.W.A., DMX, Sage Francis, Grand Buffet, and others, EFK is a revival of the early '90s gangsta rap that, if nothing else, should give you a good chuckle.
Rock : Instrumental Rock
Computer-generated rock 'n roll!!! The style varies from song-to-song, but almost always interesting.
Metal : Heavy Metal
Monarchs of Hate will bring metal back into the glory that it has been out of for so long.
Metal : Heavy Metal
Electronic : Experimental Sounds
Highly experimental electronic music with influences that include heavy metal, hip-hop, dance, and funk.
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About Me
Updated oct 2, 2018...So, keep checking the Monarchs of Hate page for new stuff. That's all I'm gonna say. Rock On, David hi. my name is david...whats yours? I am currently working on and in another band that is not named. All other projects that included me in them have stopped unfortunatly due mostly because lack of me and zack getting back into it. So for all of you that liked the two monarchs of hate songs on here ( besides the band ) all i can tell you is keep listening to the two and we appreciate all the support. Stay metal! August 14th 2009: Let me get you updated on my happenings; first and foremost i'm going to be in a band whether it is of my own creation or from someone elses hand so I look forward to seeing you all soon! As of right now I have a audition for rhythm guitarist in the band Arcane Twilight check them out http://www.myspace.com/arcanetwilight amazingly that was done by just one man but, wish me luck hopfully this is the break i've been looking for! stay tuned for more updates
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