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dominique jones
Faversham, kent  United Kingdom
Born on July 7, 1972.
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Alternative : Alternative General
Alternative : Experimental
On a tight budget Throwaway Folk decided to do recordings in their studio, Muddy Bottom. Neither musicians nor artists, Throwaway Folk is the sound of two broth
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Dom! How ya been man. Hoping to see a new vid from you soon, as they always inspire me to try to cheat less and be a better musician.
graeme jaye
Juat a quick thank you for adding one of my tracks (Fly By Night) to your station. Graeme Jaye
Thomas J
You live in the best place, man. I bet the water's a nightmare but I still find myself really jealous of the fact that you literally live on the water.
Dom, Thank you including me on your open mic station. there is nothing like good off the cuff music. you have a good realness on your songs. I liked very much your "parasite" and your others too! don't stop makin' them
Hi Dom... thanks for popping by I dont read my Wall Much.. So I kinda missed out on that Primrality I hang at the New Red Lion which you should join to promote your excellent open mike... I know faversham having spent much happy time at seasalter... http://www.jccarroll.com/forum
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