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Allan Alexander
Tucson, AZ  USA
Born on April 8, 1951.
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Classical : Classical General
Guitarist who specializes in music from 1200 to the present day. Here you will find music that you will not find anyplace else. All music is also available in notation.
World : Traditional European
World : Traditional European
Acoustic : Acoustic Guitar
World : World General
Acoustic : Acoustic Guitar
Classical Guitar
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Classical : Medieval
Medieval Mandolin Music on CD and in Book/CD Collections
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About Me
We are Allan & Aleksandra Alexander. Together we play Guitar, Lute and Mandolin. Our goal is twofold. First we want to put addictive playable music into the hands of musicians who love to play. I have searched for music for all my life, first buying LPs and wanting to play the music, then finding it. No Internet then, I had to look in stores, catalogs and also travel to New York City to find the things I wanted to play. Eventually, as hard as this is to believe, I eventually just ran out of material. That let me to arranging and writing. I just loved to play. Then I met other musicians and I spread out from the guitar and lute. Eventually I met Aleksandra and the search for music continued together. I love creating music, whether it's an arrangement or an original composition. If I have to ask myself if it's good, it isn't. When it's a great tune, it hits you over the head and you want to hear it again. A piece if music doesn't have to be difficult to be magic and addictive, and it's found all over the world and all through time. We have music from 1200 to the present day, from all over the world.
mikesch germany
Very sensitive playing! It is a pleasure to listen to. Best regards from Bavaria, Germany! Mike
I only wish that I myself could play guitar and mandolin that well! ; ) "Danza Ritmico No 7" sounds amazing; when I heard that song the first time, the colours yellow, blue, green and a little bit of red came to mind as well as a fresh mountain stream running its course down a green, tree-laden hillside. The perfect imagery for relaxation! Keep on making that wonderful, beautiful music!
Morten Gjermundsen
Just stopping by to listen to some of these beautiful compositions. Excellent work!
Carlos Carranza
You are fantastic!...Your music is beautiful...
Morten Gjermundsen
Great music you got here.Really like the sound of the lute.
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