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Sky D and LeGrange Evolution
Sky 'D' & LeGrange Evolution
Orange, NJ  USA
Born on November 4, 1980.
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Rock : Rock General
Pioneers of Power Groove Music Power Groove is live, heavy music with head bopping, body rocking, toe-twisting rythms combined with deeply passionate shouts, p
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About Me
Sky 'D' and LeGrange Evolution are the unlimited mutation of the Hip-Hop, Funk and Rock originators. They are the proclaimed leaders of the Power Groove movement. *** Sky 'D' was once a solo Hip Hop artist, producer and audio engineer. Her performances have been aired on VH1, NBC and UPN. She was gaining notariety in the NYC HipHop underground until she became fed up with Negative / Bling / Bang music. The options were to give it all up, conform, or revamp and be true to herself. Sky 'D' chose to be TRUE. She comes from a family line of live musical performers so it was perfectly natural to put together a band that would aid in projecting her vision. After several months of searching for the right musicians, the mission was accomplished. *** Johnny Wize "The Hip Hop Drummer" was the original drummer for the legendary Fugees. He has toured the world. Though he's the last to join the team, his contribution to the band has been second to none. He was the bonding element for LeGrange chemistry. *** The Professor is the axe man and a military veteran. He arrived to New York a short while ago from Arizona where he played in a metal band. *** Sneaky B plays dah bass. That's the way he likes it. Remember.
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