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Dick Metcalf
Lacey, WA  USA
Born on September 21, 1946.
My own artist pages
Alternative : Experimental
Odd & out
Electronic : Experimental Sounds
Alternative : Experimental
Electronic : Experimental Sounds
Cool grooves, fer' sure!
Electronic : Experimental Sounds
This is all solo keyboards and synth, with a great deal of spoken word, from Rotcod Zzaj, aka Dick Metcalf
Electronic : Experimental Sounds
Electronic : Experimental Sounds
Straight-ahead jazz poetry, with edges growing around it
Acoustic : Acoustic Piano
Beautiful and sensitive neo-classical (solo) piano works suitable for meditation.
Electronic : Experimental Sounds
This is some of the best spoken-word/poetry you will ever hear, with twists of strange thrown in for good measure
Alternative : Experimental
Cool, laid-back rawk-in!
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About Me
I am an IMPROVISOR - I have been an improvisor ever since I came out... I believe that if more young folks knew the power of improvising, this country would be MUCH better off than it is under the current robotic empire
Who IZZ this Zzaj character, anyway?   Rotcod Zzaj grew outta' th' fermentation that wuz' th' '60's; alla' th' "hex"periences from those times that yer' could possibly imagine (both sweet & sour) were what created his attitudes towards music & th' playing thereof.

Th' name is (as you prob'ly awready recognize) a perversion of "Doctor Jazz"; buncha' doodz' in th' early '80's started tellin' this Zzaj that hiz music wuz TRULY TWISTED, a form of BACKWARDS jazz, ergo th' name!

Tho' Zzaj haz attached th' moniker of (irr)Reverend to his nick, there's no "cosmic mystic crapola" involved... th' premise of ALL Zzaj Productions (tapes, ...
Zzaj unique   Tell us what you THINK of our Zzaj musique, plz
Voytek Pavlik Hello,

Please support my song "The Second Secret", it's at 12th place today! getting it higher would be awesome :)


Thanks a lot,
Voytek Pavlik
stanleyspider Hello! I am currently raising awareness of PASIC and all tracks on my station playlist, funds will be donated to children with cancer, leukaemia and brain tumour! We are currently being Sponsored via Vodafone World of Difference UK... Please support! :-) http://members.soundclick.com/station/796302
brianhess Hey Dick! How ya been? Long time no hear. . . .

kitara Thanks for the add, Dick!

You've got some very interesting music with all your bands. I'll be back to check out some more soon.

Take care,

Bob Forbes The CD's are on their way to you ; )) Oh - here's something a little different: http://www.soundclick.com/bands/page_songInfo.cfm?bandID=687276&songID=6611680

Yup - it's me ; ))
Cheers, Bob
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