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john gordon
country antrim, Ireland
Born on October 6, 1946.
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World : Traditional Irish
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About Me
I am a retired mechanic who has taken up song writing in my later years(crazy maybe) but i really enjoy it.I sing if you could call it that,because it is not always easy to get someone willing to sing my songs maybe someones trying to tell me something!Standing beside me is she who must be obeyed!Jean.
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marie c oliver
Hi, Jackie & Jean..Hope the holidays were fantastic for you and your family...I wanted to thank yall for being on my Fan's List. I listened to your music and enjoyed your singng and your songs...You made the right choice to pursue your dream and the success that will come your way. I have been writing and composing for a while now and alway enjoyed sharing my songs with friends and family...My son convinced me to join Soundclick to see what other people(that's never met me) what they thought of my songs and was very humbled by therir comments. I wasn't expeciing the reactions that I received. So, if you and Jean get a chance to hear someting that I wrote, I would love to hear your feedback.. I do have my own style of songwriting and vocals, (not crazy about my vocals). I would rather have someone else sing my songs. I do want to say that your doing a great job with your singing and would like to listen to more of your songs...You and Jean have a wonderful weekend! Marie C.
marie c oliver
Hi Ya'll. Hope you guys had a great Thanksgiving. Just wanted to let you guys know that I will be going to a professional recording studio and finally having my songs done to where they could be played on the radio...I will be doing 2 cover songs and 10 originals...You will love the new songs that will be on the CD...Well if you get a chance, drop me a line...Your friend Marie C. Oliver
You must have knew I was a Man. U supporter with the smug look on my face! You are not a bad oul singer Jackie/John! Do you know about Radio Star or do you listen to it. Have you got your songs played on the radio? Take care of yourself.
Well I have just about finished laughing...Manchester City! For goodness sake! oh well everbody has their own way of going mad. I used to know a Bertie Moore, who has sadly passed away, who drummed in our accordion band. Also some Moore's around Portglenone. I am sure you have ran into my brother at these pipe band contests. He has a stall selling All Things Tartan and usually dresses in a kilt and all! Nice meeting you John...Away the Reds!..and that's not Liverpool!
Hi John and nice to meet you and thanks for the friendship request. So you are another Co. Antrim man. It nice to have another fellow countryman here! Dare I ask you what football team you support! I am sure your singing is better than mine which would not be hard as I cant sing a note! Keep er lit!
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