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Brian Lucas
BLP - Brian Lucas Project
Dayton, Ohio  USA
Born on August 3, 1964.
Guitars, blues, bbq, hillbilly chef, Indian cycles, old Cadillacs, Jerry Lee, SRV, Skynyrd, Zep, Floyd, Hank, the woods, beer, slaw dogs & loyal dogs.
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Blues : Blues Rock
ambient, bluesy, atmospheric guitar
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About Me
Hi, my name is Brian Lucas and I love the Blues and basically anything to do with guitars. My favorite guitarists are David Gilmour for his unimaginable phrasing and double bends, Mato Nanji and Robin Trower for their soulful tones and Stevie Ray Vaughan for the raw energy and emotion he poured into every note he played. Since 2014 I've had 4 surgical procedures on my fretting hand. With each surgery I've had to go through many hours of physical therapy to regain my mobility and dexterity. Unfortunately the surgeries have left me with some permanent nerve damage but I don't let that get me down. I continue to play as best I can. Making music is what brings me happiness. I also enjoy many other genres of music. I grew up listening to everything from Bluegrass, Jazz, Funk, Rock and the Blues.
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Liked BLP - Brian Lucas Project's song Safe Harbour. Nov 30, 2018
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Guitar World March 2008 issue   I got my March issue of Guitar World in the mail yesterday. As usual I can't wait to read every article and lesson so I headed for the house to relax and tear into it.

As I started flipping through it I about fell off my chair when I saw my picture on page 28 in the Defenders Of The Faith section.

I had submitted it so long ago that I had given up on it ever making it to print. No one from Guitar World confirmed that I was being selected so I was quite surprised when I saw my pic.;)

Take it Easy
Hi, my friend! I hope you will stop by my SC and listen to my new cover of "You A'int Going Nowhere" Have a nice day :-)
No thanks Brian, I just enjoyed your song. Greetings from Belgium, Alexander.
Hi Brian, Just released a new song yesterday 11pm Friday Night...a bit of a word montage about city club life. If you get a chance, please have a listen. Cheers
John Kennedy
Setting Sun is Awesome and has a great blusey sound for sure. I enjoyed this one alot, as all of your pieces seem to have something special to say. I think the Lord might have you play a piece in the new life to come, the only thing is we have to make it there first, so keep your path straight and narrow. As always I have enjoyed your music and hope you are doing well. Keep on jam'in. Blessings, John
Sounds fantastic my man...very tasty licks! Luv setting sun!
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