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Michael Duran
Sacramento, CA  USA
A Unique Fusion of Musical Genres.

Welcome to my musical world.
I hope you enjoy the tunes & videos.

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Electronic : Games Soundtrack
All original gaming soundtracks inspired by the FusionFall game series and Manga comic "When Worlds Collide".
Rock : Rock General
Radio-friendly rock songs.
Rock : Rock General
a unique musical fusion.
Rock : Rock n Roll
Rock,POP ,Hard Rock, offbeat, weird ,cool, different
World : New Age
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Paperfall Bros
*NEW* We Ball (FREE DL)
Instrumentals - Old School
Lease this beat for 25$, Get Premium Tracked out Lease for 75$ || For Exclusive rights inquiries just contact me: paperfallbroz@gmail.com
About Me

I'm a proud supporter of the link to this page

FusionFall Project  

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Project Cars Videos
With original soundtracks
Michael Duran & Friends

Swampman Have a kick ass weekend cuz !
Swampman What up cuz just got back home yesterday
Dyalock Hi Michael.
I was in doubt, if I ever thanked you for your nice words on "So Long". So just to be sure - thanks!
The words in the song: "..it's important what you have to share.." go for you as well.
I always enjoyed your impressive work. Skills and talent combined in greatly produced tracks. It is always a treat to listen to your songs. So hopefully you will "hang on in there" :)
Andrew Negoustorov last edited on Sun Jun 17, 2018 @ 06:48 AM Oh, I'm so sorry, Mike! I even missed the start of the current weekend! :D
Thank you! Likewise, I wish you a wonderful Sunday, my friend. :D
You see, I still experience not the best strip of my life - yes, I'm still not able to start my new piece; however, its image is in my head yet.
...Oh! Your "Punisher" is really cool - I'm just listening to it while writing an answer.
This is genuine hard rock style in my opinion, which I sincerely appreciate...
Kaul Thank you for the comment on my new song Michael! I appreciate you stopping by. Have a great Sunday!
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