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Cyndee Lee Rule
Born on February 16, 1967.
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Rock : Instrumental Rock
I like to show the versatility of my electric instrument by using my Boss GT-6 pedal to change the tone drastically. Sometimes it's difficult to distinguish between a heavy-metal guitar and the violin. At other times, it's quite classical-soundin..
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About Me
For gig and recording information:
Gagliarchives Top 100 CDs of 2008   Hi Everyone,

I am very excited about the fact that my Viper appears on 3 of the
CDs in the running for the Gagliarchives Top 100 CDs of 2008:

Mooch--1967 1/2
Radio Massacre International--Rain Falls in a Different Way
Spirits Burning--Earthborn

Please take a minute to vote for these CDs! Also, don't forget our

Dream Machine
Oresund Space Collective
The Red Masque
Rare Blend

The artists are listed alphebetically at different links. I will
copy/paste the info from the Gagliarchives newsletter below.


It's Time To Vote For The Top Discs of 2008! This year there were
nearly ...
Project Moonbeam   From the Project Moonbeam CD Baby site:

"Chris Fournier released several successful solo electronic/progressive rock CDs in the 1990s under the Fonya psuedonym. Project Moonbeam came about as a collection of pieces he composed after the Fonya years while working to get his professional recording studio understood and operational. In the end, this activity turned out to be an excellent three-year learning experience during which Chris got to work with some very talented musicians (Cyndee Lee Rule, Anthony Fournier, Nick Kerzner, Tobe London, Jim Kelsey, and Steve Bosse) - these recordings are...
New Systems Theory Album--for free!   Hi Everyone,

The new Systems Theory album, "Codetalkers" is now available for FREE
download! My Viper appears on 2 of the pieces.

link to d/l:
https://www.mikedick son.org.uk/ codetalkers/

Please feel free to post your comments here! We'd be interseted in
your feedback..

Hope you enjoy the music!
Hey, Cyndee, it's been a while since I dropped in. I hope you're doing well. :) - DL
Heynow. I'm just dropping in on my friends, at least the ones who have shown signs of recent activity (and some who have not) to wish everyone Happy New Year. Best wishes to you in 2011. - DL
Hey ViolinCyndee, How have things been? Wish you the best. I put up a new instrumental track today. I hope you like it. http://soundclick.com/share.cfm?id=9944864
Hi Cyndee!! How are you? Long time no spaek. I hope you cabn find time to listen to my latest soundtrack "The Last Gladiator" . Take Care Andy :)
Liquid Universe
Hey Cindee. I enjoyed listening to your tracks. You are very talented and you have a great sound....your violin looks so cool! Thanks for adding me ;) Mark
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