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Born on October 20, 2005.
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What's flying in the Chemtrails over our Wisconsin Home?
Jul 18, 2009
We were out taking photos of the fresh chemtrails that the goverment planes had just sprayed overhead. After viewing them we noticed this missle type thing flying through them. It looks like no other plane or missle that we have ever seen. The thing is it has no contrail or chemtrail, so what propels this object. Candace and I also never observed any sound while taking this photo. What is uncle Sam up to??? If you don't know about Chemtrails you are out of the loop. Way out!!!!!!!! Google it, you won't find it on local news, it's a hush hush topic....
What's your guess...we are interested to find out what you think? There will be a more distant pic in our SC photo album so check it out!

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