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Electric Shadow
In The Shadows, USA
Born on October 20, 2005.
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Acoustic : Acoustic Rock
A duo promoting peace through their music. We have hard rock with whaling lead guitar to acoustic love songs..something for everyone.....formerly known as JERRY & THE ZEROS... update your links!......................................
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electric shadow
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True Fortune   This is a poem I wrote on true fortune...it's what I gauge
my fortune on!
Peace Jerry Willard

True Fortune

You know true fortune doesn't come easy
and sometimes it dosen't come at all.
But the little voice inside my head says
if you want it go ahead and take the fall.

Go ahead and trace the mystery
check the foot prints in the hall.
The dawn is slowly breaking
and time won't wait at all.

Now you've got yourself in deeper
in a maze you twist and turn.
Don't leave any stone uncovered
for this fortune you must earn.

How do you check the balance with your eyes closed?
Is ...
New video...STARS   Check out our new video for our new song STARS!

Stars...NEW SONG UP!!!  

We invite you to listen to our new song ****STARS****


********Candace & Jerry Willard*******

Answer the question.
The Questions the answer.
And I'll reach to the stars for you.

When your night turns to day.
And your day turns to night.
I'll capture the stars for you.

If the ends the beginning.
I'm beginning the end.
And I'll go to the stars with you!


Time dosen't age us.
But were ageless in time.
Darkness wont blind us.
But in darkness were blind.
If time is still ...
Alexander Aruca
Swinging through to see what's new. Hope you guys are well.
Hey there long time no see how have yall been !
Happy New Year! The Very Best to you and yours! Thanks for the excellent Audio Treats you've uploaded! ~ AuDioChosis and Crew 2018
Alexander Aruca
Just stopping by to say hi! Hope you guys are well!
Dear friend, with some pride I report that the fourth LaughingSkull album 'Birthright' has just been released. http://www.amadearecords.com/view_album.php?object=193
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