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Born on March 22, 1978.
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World : New Age
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Legends...Your compositions and style are quite pleasing… http://www.soundclick.com/ascenzion
Hi Roger, I wanted to post a comment, but I see it's not possible. It's very easy to activate that function to get comments from listeners. Go to your band account, choose "edit page" and "comments". There you see status "active" or "inactive". Choose "active". It's so nice to get reactions. I like your music anyway. Good luck and many greetings from Belgium, Alexander.
Listened to 'Pyraminx' Majestic in scope and mood. Stirring melody with outstanding piano. Sensational performance against a brilliant produced track
Hi Roger - I've been enjoying some of your music. I saw that comments were disabled, but wanted to let you know that I liked what I heard. :) Cheers /Mike
josep anton garcia
T'acabo de descobrir... sona genial el que fas. És música, totalment música, no només sons més o menys ben produïts... hi ha sensibilitat, idees que creixen i que es desenvolupen amb criteri i bon gust... Em provoca sana enveja, i m'anima a seguir treballant. Seguiré atent als teus treballs. Bon any 2010!
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