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Peter Chapman
Newcastle upon Tyne, United Kingdom
Born on April 17, 1948.
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Alternative : Indie
It is for listeners to decide how they would describe my music when they have a chance to hear a range of material. I've only just started recording. Keep watching! It's not one style.
Country : Cover Songs
Presently mainly doing covers of a rich variety of musical genre with a total strength of six, including three on vocals.
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Auramar on the Algarve   Just returned home after an interesting week on the Algarve at the Auramar. I'll try to get up a representative photo on here. Thanks to my new friend for your great support!
Karaoke King - my night with Melin Elvis!   Well, it wasn't really a night, not even an evening - it was only an hour! But what an hour. Last week we were staying at the Mumbles and on Wednesday I visited the White Rose karaoke night and heard some great singers. Only to be expected of course in a corner of Wales well-known for top artists in the entertainment industry! One of my favourite songs, Snow Patrol's 'Run' was performed very enthusiastically by a gentleman I later discovered goes by the name of Melin Elvis. After the night ended with a stupendous Bee Gees medley I was able to speak to 'Elvis' and it was after this I decided to...
Proud Mary   I don't get sentimental on here (very often) but when today arrived, I felt I had to do what I've been pondering over for a few days. You see, today my mother would have been 93, She died in 1997, having contracted Alzheimer's a few years earlier. She never encouraged me musically, it was all about a 'proper' job. No-one EVER called her Mary, she was always Polly. A schoolgirl nickname which stuck all her life! So would she have been proud of my collab. with Harry Edgar? I doubt it, but that won't stop me posting tonight in her memory.
Hey Pete, Please visit my page and have a listen to a new original "no title, work in progress" https://soundclick.com/share.cfm?id=13866555 Thank you in advance for taking it a spin. Here is the challenge, Hans was a great wordsmith LOL. I not so much. want to try and see if you can come up with lyrics. Cheers
Pete, its been a long time, Im back in the saddle again.please check out a new cover song i did by neil young https://soundclick.com/share.cfm?id=13834451
Hey Pete, I'm back on click. I have a new main page lee sommers project. Go check it out.
pete my brother has resurected the assortedpeople page. look for it at soundclick.com/apmusic
Dear friend, with some pride I report that the fourth LaughingSkull album 'Birthright' has just been released. http://www.amadearecords.com/view_album.php?object=193
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