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Jesse Defektive
Cleveland, OH  USA
Born on November 14, 1982.
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Electronic : IDM
Experimenal electronic, idm, jungle, dnb, bay village, cleveland ohio, local
Electronic : Electronica
Electronic : Drum n Bass
free dnb mp3, jungle remix, indie music from bay village/cleveland ohio, dj keygen, dj k34gen, defektive projekt, dfx, jungle, drum n bass, dnb, idm, local cleveland, bay village, westlake, rocky river, avon lake, north olmstead, lakewood, ohio
Electronic : Drum n Bass
Experimental dnb. Amen- happy and full of un-mastered underground wonderfulness
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About Me
url: myspace.com/defektiveprojekt / phone: (440) 212 5658
also liking the soundscape you produced on Chi Savimbi... reminds me of AFX or The Flashbulb.
Hey thanks for that last comment on my video. (although it was a while ago, i just saw it) i personally hate that video but if somebody actually likes it, ill keep it up there. anyways, i put up some new music under a new name: www.soundclick.com/abyssalplane its more downtempo, but ive been trying out some idm recently (not working out so well) and could use some pointers if you have a chance.
Hey, i really like end of a lonely summer. Its exactly what i want in that sort of IDM style. Sounds good!
hey just a quick one to let you know that i have created a social netowrk for electronica producers/dj's upload up to 100 of your own tracks (with a 60MB limit...per track) upload up to 100 photos..and up to 10 vids...all of your music/photos/vidz get put onto players which you can add to your facebook profile...or anywhere else . anyway have alook for yourself see what YOU think would be great to have you on board: http://www.electronicamusiclovers.ning.com
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Hello :) You have very good tracks, i very like to listen your music :) Take care
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