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Ofallon, Mo  USA
Born on December 8, 1981.
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Electronic : Trance
FreedomAndForgiven is the mutant child of Black & Jones and Marty Friedman grandfathered by Tchaikovsky and Paco De Lucia. FreedomAndForgiven is the definition of Progressive and Progressive Trance.
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About Me
I am the founder of FreedomAndForgiven which is a mix of rock and Electronica a.k.a. Electro-Rock and Rocktronica. I am up for doing collabs, and doing shows with fellow artists. I do shows on a regular basis, and also enjoy networking with the artists I perform with and collab with.
Recent Activity
A Christian, Gay Rights, Shows & Knee   We all face internal battles everyday of our lives. I know I do. I will bawl it out within myself on a daily basis. We base a lot of these inner conflicts on the people around us. What will they think? What will they say? What will they do? It's our fear of judgement that causes so many of these battles we fight within ourselves.

I have fought a lot of different battles over the years as a lot of you know. One I have fought for a bit is not saying anything about God or sharing my thoughts on God, and my beliefs. I have been worried for a long time what some of my fans would think. It's ...
Losing Society   Well things were a bit this past week, and didn't get a blog posted like I wanted. I had a couple things I wanted to touch base on. Things dealing with upcoming tracks, and collabs. Then on some other things.

I will start with seeing how messed up things are becoming in society. Yes it's true I blew out my left knee, and my doctor has me using a cane for the time being (which sucks too say the least). This is where things start getting a bit messed up. The other day I walked to the bus stop to get my son. His bus was dropping him off at a different stop because he stayed after some ...
New Track List   What's up people? It has been an odd week the past 7 days. I have had a lot going with working on the new tracks, and trying to piece together shows in the next couple of months. From the looks of it I will actually be playing some pretty cool local venues that are not your normal music scene. Which has me realy stoked because I will also be doing a couple shows with Social Sniper. The new lighting effects will be in use at all the new shows also.
I am still stuck on what to title the new album. I am actually considering doing a poll with the couple ideas I have and using the ...
Hayley Oliver
Great new website Nick, thanks for letting me know about it. hope you're doing better now. :) Hayley
Hi Nick, thank you for the request. Wish you all the best. Fernand
thanks for the add, keep rockin'. God bless :)
Thomas C Roth
Hello Nick Thank you for the friend request, it is nice to meet you and keep in touch Tom
Hayley Oliver
Hi again Nick, thanks for the reply. it certainly sounds like you have been through alot with your health, i hope your operation was a success and i wish you a speedy recovery. all the best to you Hayley :)
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