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Mark Griffiths
Oxford, Oxon  United Kingdom
Born on November 1, 1959.
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Jazz : Jazz
Electronic : Ambient
New Age, Experimental Electronic, Folk, Classical, Celtic fusion, Ambient, Mellow
Electronic : Ambient
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About Me
Electronic music composer based in Oxford, England.
Titus Alone   In addition to working on the “Strange Stars” theme/ album I’ve also been working on ideas for a largely autobiographical set, “Janus”. “Adieu” released a while back was the first, today I released the second element “Titus Alone”.

Point with no reference   I’ve released a new track, “Point with no reference”. It’s actually an old track. In the early 80s I created a short piece of cosmic/ space synth work called “Depayse”, it was probably on my first cassette release.. Later in the 80s it was reworked for a compilation promo for the Electronical Dreams label “The Dream is just beginning” and re-titled “Point with no reference”. It’s now reworked yet again. By accident when messing around with one of the keyboards I used in the second version I quoted from one of my other pieces of the time and left it in. My first synth was used to take the bass...
Hello Soundclick!   I’ve started releasing material from “Strange Stars”. So far two tracks have been released, “In Flight” and “Approaching the Strange Star”. I’m currently working on a third track which is a remake of one of the first tracks I produced back in 1982, so in theory that will be the next one released. Assuming that another one off track I’m also working on doesn’t overtake it. One of the beauties of the current ways of publishing and the newer audiences is that you are not locked into the constraints of 40 minutes plus of coherent work.

What I’ve yet to sort is the home for these postings. It ...
zilia tol
Hi Mark, It's Christmas time and I have a gift for you at my page. Hope you like it. Have a wonderful time with your family. With love and music, Zilia
zilia tol
Hi Mark, I'm sending some love with a different sound. Stop by and Be Loved. Feel it. Have a great week, Zilia
Hiroshi Takatani
Hello Mark. Thanks for adding me to your list. You've got a new design on your page! :) I like Your New Age music with full of synthesizer sounds. Have a nice sunday! Greetings. Hiroshi / Ethnosphere Music Project,JAPAN
Hi Mark, thanks for the add. Very peacefull music. Relaxing and evocative soundscapes. Good sound and textures. Too sage, perhaps, but I like that. Stay creative! Have a nice weekend! mael
Morten Gjermundsen
[last edited on Wed Aug 8, 2007 @ 05:34 PM]
Hi Mark.Thanks a lot for adding me to your friendlist.I really like the music you got here.cant say the same for the rap song playing in your profile. :P You should change it to some of your own great songs.:)
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