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Anthony Barr
Denver, CO  USA
Born on June 14, 1974.
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Electronic : Industrial
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About Me
I write poetry/lyrics + electronic music & am currently a top electronic artist in Colorado on NumberOneMusic .com; #24 in the USA. I have spent the last two years learning construction and am NCCER certified and have also been learning HVAC and I like to do landscaping as well in the summer months to enjoy the outside. I am in the best shape I've ever been in my 41 years mentally, physically and spiritually. For the last year i have been in a close relationship with a very special soul as she has also been my best friend for the last 17 years. the last decade I've mostly takin the public bus to move around this city and Amtrak train to move around the country, but very recently i purchased my first vehicle in years and I've no car payments and i couldn't be happier. I've wonderful family and friends. I no longer hang out in bars or clubs, though i do go to many concerts. I attend Emmaus Lutheran Church regularly and I love & live to make people smile. I am currently putting together my fifth solo album and you can download many of my songs and read my poetry at: – SoundClick.com/IndustriaLord - SoundCloud.com/IndustriaLord – ReverbNation.com/IndustriaLord & - NumberOneMusic.com/IndustriaLord
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Divine Death  
Slowly Dying
Dying Slowly
Fade Away
We're made of clay

Chains bar me down
Shackles weigh my feet
Circles I walk around
Insanity is deep

My body's hungry & tired
The Sweat burns my eyes
I'm surrounded by liars
In a primal disguise

Flying highly
Highly flying
Dying slowly
Slowly dying

Take my last drop
But gimme yours
Let this all stop
Let it flow through my pores

You know as well as I
That it doesn't end here
You know as well as I
There is nothing to fear

I see it in your eyes
You see it in mine
Everybody dies
But not all are divine

Copyright ©2006 Anthony E. Barr
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