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Robert Ewing
Sanger, Tx  USA
Born on August 13, 1962.
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Rock : Hard Rock
Blues : Blues Rock
Desert New Mexico Rock
Rock : Folk Rock
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About Me
I've never been on Hee Haw and it brings me sadness
Recording with "Children Of The Bomb"   Recorded two songs while out in New Mexico Late June, "Cerro Grande" and "Tornado" are in the mixing stages, 3 more songs are scheduled to be recorded in early July......since I'm homeless at the moment it's a place to stay and record music with long time friend/bandmate Steve Hudgins.

Two shows this month with Thunder Road "A Tribute to Bruce Springsteen" (you can find us on You Tube) , 4th of July "Rock if Ages" concert in Longview Texas with Back in Black(AC/DC) and Trio Grande(ZZ Top)....

Also on Sat October 19th 2013 30+ musicians are getting together to play a 4 hour concert we are ...
Thunder Road "a Tribute to Bruce Springsteen"   In late 2010 I agreed to join a band that was forming in Carrollton Texas a(near Dallas)bout a 2 hour drive from where I live in Tyler, it's a Tribute band which seems to be a big deal in the Dallas area, the Tribute in this band is the music of Bruce Springsteen.....

Now I'm not a fan of Bruce, didn't hate him just wasn't my cup of tea, but after learning the songs as I'm playing the part of Bassist "Gary Tallent" I came to enjoy playing most of them and have enjoyed playing with some friends from High School.

Has our first "Practice Gig" Sat Feb 26 in front of friends and it all seems to ...
RIP Les Lewelyn aka ManicD   After staying away from the OMD world and music all together I had looked around the net and found out the only person I actually met off line Les Lewelyn aka Manic D had passed away, he was a great guy, great musician and a supporter of Indie Music, when others were saying they were he was actually doing it with his radio show.

I was with my girlfriend last year in of all places a Indian Trading Company in Amarillo Texas and saw they were selling one of his cassettes, the guy got his music out all over the place and played all kinds of different stuff, from his Manic D to Buttermilk Platform...
Robert! so nice to hear from you! so sorry to hear about your loss. thats a tuff one, I know how you feel. my deep condolences my friend. Cerro Grande sounds so good great vocals and guitar playing. great sounding band! classic rockin' song! hope things in life brighten up for you. life can throw some mean curves sometimes. really enjoyed hearing your new one, you sound as good as ever! thanks so much for sharing your song. and keep intouch guy.. I don't hear much from anyone anymore, hearing from you is a joy! take care, k
oh yeah!!!!train wreck
Robert! so cool hearing from you! hope your Christmas time was nice and hope life is good for you.. love hearing from you! k
thanks so much for adding my song to your playlist! :) Im happy you enjoy it!
Robert, Thanks... love the big tex guy ;)
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