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Calw, Germany
Born on January 14, 1964.
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About Me
in brief outlines:
  • teacher for elementary music (i.e. making music with children at the age of 3 to 7)
  • basic training as Drumcircle Facilitator with Michael Siefke (www.michael-siefke.de) and Cameron Tummel (www.rhythmsofthec.com), including assistance throughout some of their public sets
  • (former) political activist (www.attac.de) - the background foto of my page of course doesn't show Calw, but the view from our Frankfurt based office - some more photos can be found at "view my photos" ("Polotics" albums)
  • "proud parent" of an 23 year old talented daughter #:-))
  • more whereabouts can be found
    here: www.myspace.com/zaungast (slightly obsolescent)
    there: zaungast.twoday.net (blog, including some of my Drum & Bass Mixes)
    and over there: my photos on flickr (my latest hobby horse)
Recent Activity
Liked Der innere Dialog's song Fresh Juice. Jan 25, 2013
The "Friends" Business - a Follow-Up #;-)  

My entry into life on SoundClick...

... which was a hot debate on SoundClick Seniors about "friends" requests finally lead to making real friends with more than ten musicians. So my "fav" friends section doesn't show them all at once. Therefore I decided to do some kind of rotation which I hope will please everybody concerned so far #;-)
"Just pray big" - sad news  

To those who felt sympathy with Rosie

As Chris Ward told on an entry on my message board, sadly Rosie died last Monday morning. The song which meant a lot to her the last months of her life - Just Pray Big - will be played live at her funeral. So it stayed on my page until weekend (07/04/22).
"Just Pray Big" - read more about the background of this song  

by Chris Ward / Forum (14.02.2007)

"My song Just Pray Big reached number 1 today and this actually means a lot for the person I wrote it for......

Rosie was diagnosed with a brain tumour last year and has had extensive intrusive surgery to remove it. This was followed by courses of steriods, chemotherapy and radiotherapy. Her husband, Rob, is a local vicar (minister) and gives all his friends an update on Rosie's condition mointhly. Every email ends with the words....Pray Big.

It is a simple yet heartfelt request so I wrote the song for Rosie and Rob. With his kind permission I have been ...
Chris (Ward) Thank you so much for your kind words about my songs. They really are appreciated. I hope you and your daughter have a lovely Easter break.

Chris (Ward) last edited on Sun Dec 25, 2011 @ 12:12 PM Angelika - just dropping by to wish you a really Happy Christmas!

Have a wonderful holiday.


PS. I have just written and posted my first song in ages!! I've been too busy to be creative which is a real shame.
Chris (Ward) last edited on Wed Jan 26, 2011 @ 05:42 PM Well hello there!

I've just spotted your new year message and seen the Christmas page link you created with a link to the song 'Silently Patiently'. I feel very honoured that you'd select one of my songs to link to your photographs and your Christmas emotions. Thank-you.

and of course.... a belated Happy New Year to you too.

Chris (Ward) Angelika - thank you so much for putting my song on your station. It really is very much appreciated.


Chris (Ward) Angelika - just popping in to say HI THERE!

I really hope you are well and enjoying life to the full - especially your DJ work.

Best wishes,

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