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Priscilla Hernández
Barcelona, Spain
Born on December 16, 1977.
My own artist page
World : New Age
Priscilla Hernandez,ethereal gothic singer-songwriter and fantasy illustrator from Spain.
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About Me
Ethereal gothic singer-songwriter, composer and fantasy illustrator born in the Canary Islands and now living in Barcelona (Spain). A world of fantasy: dark fairy tales, romantic ghost stories, and "other creatures" that dwell in the boundaries between dream and awareness inspired by her personal experience with sleep paralysis, night horrors and hypnagogia... old fears and passions... ancient shadows... Her debut album, Ancient Shadows is a collection of 19 illustrated song-tales that take you to a ride through the haunting and spectral realm she creates with her sorrowful eerie but sensuous music, led by an angelic and silky voice that invites you to shed your own cultivated defences. Wistful, evocative, pure and meaningful. http:://www.yidneth.com/ancientshadows BUY CD AT: http://priscillahernandez.yidnethfanclub.com/product http://cdbaby.com/cd/phernandez
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i'll be grateful to have my friends there!

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How I love your singing voice. I beleive I can relate to your sleep paralysis and intense spectral romance ..I have been plagued all my life by occurences as such....it goes into my music as well....I have the sight as well to communicate and see faery....they are my saving grace..I ve been listening to your new album THe Underliving....never has my heart chakra been so open listening to your beautiful montage of soul singing....I love the way you interweave your inner soul with your craft of singing....My name is Faunaserene and I have found a refuge and a strength in your music...YOU have such a phenomenal voice.......OMG it is ethereal......thank you for you music Priscilla....if you were ever down just know that your music has effected transmutation in my heart and soul.. soundclick.com/Faunaserene soundclick.com/SCRYTREE
butterfly flew away
i saw your band page doesn't have a comment box Inside...just want to say you that your music is just beautiful ! You are a good artist :D
I love your new album:) http://priscillahernandez.com/album/the-underliving
It's been a long time since I last contacted you. I have a new band brewing...we are ~ Songs We Don't Know (SWDK) Love to you! spring is in the air...
great music . so easy to listen to.
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