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Xtremely Wild
Born on July 1, 1953.
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About Me
Married to a great christian woman who spoils me way too much. I've had life changing experiences . music occupies a major part of my time and soundclick AND church are the best places for me to be love attending church and helping out as i am able. serving the Lord is my top priority. Love to help others, whether it be simple tasks or difficult tasks such as home repair or being just a friend to them whether they just need a friend or someone's shoulder to cry on ( shoulder to cry on for females only, LOL ) I'm a true believer in the old ways of "Help Thy Neighbor " . I enjoy get togethers, cookouts, I have two adult children ( one girl, one boy ) whom I'm very proud of for their accomplishments. Although I've been told that I should be a singer / song writer, I don't think I can carry a tune in a bucket but love to listen to and watch others perform,i find peace by just sitting and listening to country music and giving thought to how my life use to be and compare it to now as well as comptemplating what can be done to improve my life. I enjoy going out to concerts to listen to the bands, as well as attending comedy shows Dinner theaters are also a favorite of mine.I can spend hours here at Soundclick listening to music ,watching music videos and buying gospe3l songs
Recent Activity
Liked Don Daley's song Peace in the valley. Jul 3, 2013
Liked ShyAnne Mailen's song Let Glory Ring. May 11, 2013
Liked Dan Adkins's song A Nice Place To Visit. Mar 23, 2012
Thanks for adding one of our songs to your station, God bless all that you do for His glory!
Thanks for the adds man - I appreciate it!
Thanks for the add...and we'll be prayin for ya. Stay in the music... ShyAnne
Hayley Oliver
Hi, just stopping in to say thank you for adding my christmas music to your station, it's appreciated. i hope you had a great christmas, wishing you and your loved ones a very happy and successful 08. love Hayley
You're very welcome Pascal. Yes, I checked out your "Wild Stuff" before I added you as a friend. Keep up the great work and have a great time. Xtremelywild
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