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Vito Antonio De Lucca
roma, italia  Italy
Born on July 23, 1949.
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Electronic : Electronica
De lucca Vito, musicista, compositore di musica elettronica, sacra e rock, nasce a Marino, in provincia di Roma, il 23 luglio 1949.Negli anni 60 fa parte di diversi gruppi ed inizia, fin da giovanissimo a scrivere brani musicali. Partecipa anche a divers
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About Me
Vito De Lucca , a composer of film music , electronics, sacred AND rock , was born in Marino , near Rome. He collaborated with various musicians to compose several songs . The songs of the era following the fashions of the moment and are mainly rock songs and melodic . In September 1990 he participated with the song " Oh Tu Maria " on the 1st Mariano Musical World of Colle di Fuori , finishing in 3rd place. He continued his work as a musician , creating a collection of 5 instrumental tracks "Symphony Dream" , published by Fonit Cetra . In 1994 he made a CD "Mia" with the lyricist Vanni Spagnoli and the Free Band, opera composed by 10 tracks of melodic rock , published by Karman Records. After this date, Vito De Lucca , begins a process of composition of electronic music, only with the help of synthesizers and drum machines. In 1999 , he opened with other members and with Piero Calabrese, musician, producer and arranger , former Bottega dell'Arte , a recording studio called " I Fenomeni" . From 2000 onwards accomplishes several soundtracks collected on one CD , " Seasons " and " Sound of Time." In 2013, the director, Dany D'Attoma chooses his song " CRASH " to be included in his short film ” Preferisco vivere" , dedicated to the victims of road accidents.For Expo Territories, in 2015, he composed the song "We Are Art", which music video "L'Arte siamo noi ", shot by the students of the art school "Gagini" Syracuse.
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