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Oldenburg, SH  Germany
Born on June 10, 1959.
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Electronic : Electronica
Violent it`s Time for a new Spirit
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About Me
Violent are: Sven Ehlers & Andreas Lindner. The band was established by Ses in 1997. Andreas joined the band in 1999. Since the `70 both musicians are in the musical scene and have played in several Rock- and Pop-bands.They started to love the electronic music. Even today you can feel the influences of Tangerine Dream, Pink Floyd and ELP.It isn’t easy to put Violent in a genre and its also not wanted by the members of the bandThe change of modern style with elements of the pop- , rock- and world-music amount on the one hand, visionary on the other hand, danceable landscapes of sound. Synthetic sounds are tamed and enriched with a new variety.Surprising variations always appear in their work. They played with styles and rhythm without loosing themselves in their music. The several musical songs always invite to a journey of fantasy. Discographie: 1997: Spoiled Kids 1998: Toing & Froing 1999: From Heaven To Earth 2001: Mysterious 2005: Past & Future the best of 2007: Across The Inner Circle
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Liked Syntopia Music's song Syntopia - Let Me Now. Mar 24, 2012
Liked Syntopia Music's song When I See Your Smile. Mar 24, 2012
Liked Syntopia Music's song Bee Dance. Mar 24, 2012
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Hey Sven! Been working on trying to finish couple of project....will be adding soon. Toni aka luluaussi
Hayley Oliver
happy holidays Sven and Andreas! :) Wishing you a wonderful Christmas and a very happy and successful new year. All the best Peace and love Hayley :)
the rocket theory
Thank you Violent for being friends!! Best wishes
thank you so very much violent for adding my songs to your station.. the best is "see the light" because my friend the amazing musician/composer syntopia did such brilliant, incredibly beautiful music.. it's my favorite of my over 120 songs.. thanks for putting it especially on your jazz station.. cheers.. :-)
Hayley Oliver
Hi Sven and Andreas, very nice to meet you here on sc and listen to your great music. :) thank you for adding me to your friends network. Have a great weekend Love Hayley
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