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Sivan Boström
Östersund, Sweden
Born on May 8, 1965.
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Pop : Pop Rock
Swedish Sivan is a solo demo singer, making her music only digitally. Putting her songs up as Mp3:s and Video files to show her style. With hope that some wants to buy her creations ahead
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About Me
SHE IS A FIGHTER WHEN SHE IS MAD AND A LOVER WHEN SHE IS LOVING.... Sivan is singing within a broad genre (pop, rock, country,R&B, soul, jazz, ballads,funk) Sivan represent music from nature

The Continuation Of My Music   Hi folks, havent been here for a long time due to many reasons, also I have been sick and in hospital. I have taken a desicion that I will probably only sing and produce songs as demos, where other people if interested can buy my music for using it themselves. I am 48 years, and I cant afford to make a real studio demo now, also a lot of other issues around me. I hope all of you will understand. Have a great autumn and lets see what i may create ahead. :-)))

My Best to you all,
A ray of hope...   ...that I now will get a little respect for all I have done and already given, for the one I love,(he loves me too) and for the adult desicions I make in life. Let us breath. 900 days of main pain (and before that too) is enough. Please stop. I will continue my music production, it is my life, the only life I have

I have had enough of pain now, only God can care me the rest of the years I have left, I dont know how sick am I? Will I die soon, for real? I often cry, and i wonder even though i am strong. Do I have cancer out of all this? Do I suffer brain damages for life? How is it with my kidneys?? With a low income, very low,7500 sek/month I am fighting and buying tests for the blood sugar, so far it is ok. As an addition to this some have tried to claim underlying, that I have to get along with a forreigner, can it be him? The doc? My x? All are they in this ...
Hello Beautiful www.facebook.com/subzerosmd (PRINCE JULIAN)
Hello Sivan, Just here to wish you a Merry Christmas! All the best my friend, Svante / Clubsville
Hi Sivan, Just wanted to say hi! New week and new opportunities .... Maybe everything will be different soon. Promises from the past may still have something to say... Do not know much - but hope and believe! Wish you all the best, Svante / Clubsville
Goodnight kisses to my SWEDISH Country Music Guy.... I miss you... Sivan
tsand19151 Thats true, but does she like that you are posting these word on my site....?
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