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sinny sin
Born on November 22, 1975.
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About Me
I'm 34, semi single at the moment. I have 4 beautiful daughters ages 17, 13, 10 and 8yrs. They are all honor roll students and TAG (talented and gifted) students also. So needless to say, I'm very proud and believe i've earned bragging rights! lol. They all love art, music, photography, talent shows.. and stay very involved in all of the above. I'm a soccer mom but don't let that fool you.. I still know how to have adult fun in the night life lol. I'm laid back, very patient, non materialistic, positive and outgoing. I have a good sense of humor and i don't take anything personal. i know who i am inside so i can't be offended by others insecure negativities. People call me Unique Soul because they say i'm an old soul trapped in a young body. I don't judge, i have the understanding that everyone in this world has a story, a reason and a purpose.. to listen is to know, to know is it understand, to understand you gain one hell of an insight on the world out there. that's enough... if you want to know more simply ask.. i'm an open book.
I Too Once Bought A Dream   I Too Once Bought A Dream
Love and money, where do the two connect?
Does your happiness sit inside that gold necklace hangin on your neck?
Fancy dinners and million dollar shopping trips,
tossed into a paper bag with overpriced reciepts.
Piles of shoes to wear but nowhere special to go.
What's the purpose? for others to see you glow?
F*** a damn bently, I'd rather ride a damn bike.
So i can enjoy natures sounds as i travel the countryside.
People go through life believing that money is where love sits.
I don't know who told them that but it's a 100% pure bullshit!
Love is sought out by the ...
~Your Soul Mate~   Your Soul Mate
You caress my succulent figure with your hands and your lips.
You share your deepest of thoughts as you make love to my hour glass hips.
You show me your dreams as you gaze into my fired heart.
All of what you once had and all of what you now want.
You take me to your place of silence where no one is allowed.
As i ponder how to touch you without you being alarmed.
I am faithful to your mind, body and soul.
I never leave you lonely, my touch is never cold.
You compliment my perfection every time you look at me.
You keep me on the highest of pedestals for everyone to see.
I am ...
Hey i appreciate the add! That lets me know something is happening right... Have a blessed week. G-wuz here, G-wiz gone...
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