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Shimmer Johnson
Edmonton, Alberta  Canada
Born on June 18, 1987.
My own artist pages
Pop : Pop General
My Mom and My Dad help me to write some amazing songs
Country : Country-Pop
Most Versatile artist today! She writes pop. rock. country and R&B. Shimmer is a very talented artist. Currently working on her new album 2017 which consists of pop and country mix. Great vocals. Great Players. Great Songs. Lots of Hits!
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About Me
Shimmer Johnson is one of the top female vocals in Edmonton Alberta. She writes a bit of everything Pop/Country/Rock you name it SHE LOVES TO SING IT! CHECK ALL HER MUSIC OUT AT http://www.reverbnation.com/shimmerjohnson
Recent Activity
Liked Adaon Johnson's song Walk Away Adaon. Feb 22, 2014
Happy New Year Amazing One! May Peace, Joy and Prosperity Follow You Always! ~ Cheers! AuSioChosis and The Crew! .
JR Moregoth
Jenae you are forever beautiful and love your music always
Big Druuski
Hey it's been a long time! Please forgive me. I never paid much attention to my message section. Glad to see you're still doing what you love to do! Sounds great! Don't quit!
Great talent Jenae, keep up the good work. - Mike, Nighthawkrock
Ninja Scroll
Hey Jenae. Been along time. Hope everything is going well. Hit me up sometime.
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