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Seth Davis
Houma, La  USA
Born on July 28, 1979.
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About Me
Seth Davis is establishing his name worldwide as an educator and clinician by possessing insane speed, incredible power, innovative and musical application to polyrhythyms, and complex thought provoking odd-time signature musical compositions. Seth's knowledge of hand technique has gained him the most attention. Seth is the author of The Moeller Killer which many feel is one of the world's most innovative and powerful hand techniques. The Moeller Killer is a specially designed training routine Seth created and has taught for the last 10 years. Seth has broken the program down to a simple science that will isolate and build the correct fast twitch muscles. To isolate these muscle fibers to build speed and power, it is vital to have a proficient practice routine. The Moeller Killer is a 12 week program designed specifically to build speed and endurance with the single stroke roll. Correct high-intensity intermittent training is vital, hence speed is not determined solely by genetic factors. With consistent endurance training, muscle fibers can develop more and improve their ability to cope with and adapt to the stress of the task at hand. The Moeller Killer is a combination of the bicep, forearm, wrist and fingers working in unison. Seth Davis is currently in the process of shooting the highly anticipated 2 volume dvd set entitled The Moeller Killer "Mastery of the Single Stroke Roll." Release date is set for summer 2009. www.myspace.com/insaneindependenceinc
Thanks for the add Seth. Rock on! Leo
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