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Steve Smith
seth smivet
Uttoxeter, United Kingdom
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Electronic : Games Soundtrack
All original gaming soundtracks inspired by the FusionFall game series and Manga comic "When Worlds Collide".
Rock : Rock General
Trash-pop, guitar rock and melodic miscellany.
World : New Age
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About Me
In my delusions I am a songwriter. Unluckily for you, thanks to the the miracle that is Cubase, I can now make these dreams real, and you can hear the results on my music page: Click here if you fancy a listen.

FusionFall Project

Dirty Deeds...   More hard rocking antics from the House of Smivets. Check out my music page for a little 'DC-esque fun, and find out how Not to Fall.
Evening Star   Here's a new one to kick start 2015 with a bit of energy - go on - rock out to Evening Star on my music page, why dontcha?
This Blood   New tune posted 13 Feb 2014 - a thumping great dollop of proggery rockery to tap your toes to - if you can tap them in 7/4 that is - check out This Blood.
david a briggs
Hi Steve, hope you're still using Soundclick? Please check out my (The Lykes Of Wytch) version of The Electric Prunes 'hit', I Had Too Much To Dream Last Night. let me know if you're OK Steve.
I'm 'Happier" listening to your song, "Happier"....yea mate, being let go can be tough but it always seems to open other doors. Please let me know if you have anything new. :)
http://www.soundclick.com/bands/page_songInfo.cfm?bandID=1226449&songID=13712477 We're up mate! Have a good day my friend! MD
Hi Steve. I hope everything is good with you. I have a new one up, one of my older songs, "Romeo" featuring Cassandra on the vocals. I created a whole new sort-of-dance-electronica backing for this originally Country rock ballad. Cheers Holger
Thanks Steve for the recent reviews of "Soaring" and "SILVERSTONE" great hearing your thoughts on them :) wishing you continued healing, and a great weekend! MD
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