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Scott Franco
Oxford, New York  USA
Born on June 2, 1981.
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About Me
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What I souldn't give to play MLB...   Baseball is my favorite sport. My team is the Yankees, but now that Torre's gone, I'm thinking of buying a Dodgers hat too. Especially now that Manny Ramirez is going to LA. How sweet is that for both the Yankees AND the Dodgers. Oh well, Beantown is still number 1.

I've always dreamed of playing baseball. What I wouldn't give to be a DH for just one inning. Or a pinch runner. I would run like the wind.
Ruh al-Malik   La Illaha il'Allah
Ibrahim and Al-Ameen
Ismael with his twelve
Rabb of the Universe,
how can this be?

They crucified me
for a friend with HIV;
thanks a lot MLB!

Ruined my reputation with a lie.
Killed my dream, when the problems with their own right eye.
For a 30 second spot
about car insurance pre

over Thymus
sign of the cross
not all are lost.
An Apology for an Apologia.   Have you ever noticed that threatening to commit suicide or actually committing suicide is the only way any Muslim other than Kristian Amanpour ever makes it on ANY NEWS CHANNEL in the US? Just for once, I'd like to have a nice polite sit down chat between a Muslim and a Jewish person.

Yes, I threatened to commit suicide so that John McCain and John Edwards as a Unity08.com ticket would be talked about BEFORE the divisive, rancor-filled, nomination process began. Does that mean I don't like Barak Obama? OF COURSE NOT! At this point in American History, we are in a no lose situation as far...
Hi Scott, Just wanted to drop by and say hello, Have a lovely day. Love & Light, G I G S
Hi there Scot Wishing you a great Xmas and a musical new year Take care Melissa
Scientek Basement
just here to tell you that your 2 lastest songs are just very nice!!! Greets to you Dj Headz
Hey Scott, Congratulations on Hitting #1 Great tune, keep it up dude. //////////////////P E A C E\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\
Hi Scott, Thanks for seeking me out on Soundclick. Have you heard my band Pinnacle? Whaddaya think? Cheers, Bill
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